Research Query optimization and query processing in object-relational DBMSs (ORDBMSs) Privacy support in database systems and information systems Data quality in databases Semantic Web and database systems Databases and Cloud Computing Applications using DBMS technology such as Bioinformatics Commitment As the Professor for Databases and Information Systems at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, I am committed to provide my assistants and my students with the best possible teaching and research environment (see also my teaching guidelines). This commitment includes providing intellectual support, finding necessary resources, and opening up opportunities for further growth. When cooperating with other (academic or industrial) partners I am committed to be a reliable and responsive partner expecting the necessary respect as I respect others for the values and goals they stand for. Furthermore, I am committed to challenge continuously my assistants and students in their work with the ultimate goal to perform outstanding research leading to outstanding results. I strongly believe that only active participation in the research community by publishing research results and ideas provides the stimulating working environment necessary for excellent research.