I work at Dataminr as Senior Director of Research. Dataminr is the leading AI platform for real-time events and risk detection. We enable our clients to know critical information first, respond with confidence, and manage crises more effectively. Technologies include NLP, Computer Vison, Human Computer Interaction, Data Science, among others. Scientist and internship positions are available!
    Previously, I was Director of Research of Grammarly where I formed and led their applied research groups in NYC and Kyiv. We developed state-of-the-art tools to help improve one's writing. I worked at Yahoo! Labs in NYC as a Senior Research Scientist with Amanda Stent and Inderjeet Mani on NLP problems related to discourse and dialogue processing. Specific topics include computational stylistics, abusive language and hate speech detection, ranking and analyzing online user comments, parser evaluation, multimodal sarcasm detection and emoji analysis. During this time I also collaborated with researchers from JHU on improving grammatical error correction evaluation and annotation.