My primary research interests are in computer vision. I am also very interested in more general questions in AI and machine learning. My current research topics include:
First Person Vision: A first person camera placed at the person's head captures candid moments in our life, providing detailed visual data of how we interact with people, objects, and scenes. It reveals our future intention and momentary visual sensorimotor behaviors. With the first person vision, can we build a computational model for personalized intelligence that predicts what we see and act by "putting yourself in her/his shoes"?
NSF Project on First Person Vision: Constructing Social Interactions in 3D Space from First Person Vision

Human Recognition: We are developing computer algorithms to recognize human at multiple levels of abstractions: from the basic body limb tracking, to human identification, to gesture recognition, to activity inference. The ultimate goal is to develop computation algorithms to understand human behavior in video.
Image Segmentation and Object Recognition: Our research is motivated by two sets of questions,1) how to extract “interesting” patterns from data, and 2) how to guide the grouping process to achieve specific vision tasks, such as recognizing familiar object shapes. In this direction, we have been pursuing a line of research building upon spectral graph theory.