I am an Assistant Professor in the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute. I'm interested in systems and interfaces that operate in real-time and build user intuition; lately, I've been applying these ideas to textiles fabrication and machine knitting. This page is a monolithic presentation of the research software and projects I'm associated with. If you are interested in my personal life, games, or terse ramblings, please visit my web server at tchow.com. I was a PhD student in the graphics lab advised by Nancy Pollard. Having mostly graduated in August 2010, I began a postdoc at Adobe's research lab in Boston. In October of 2012 I moved back to Pittsburgh to work full time on writing video games, creating Rktcr [for Windows, OSX, and Linux] and Rainbow [for iOS and Android]. In February of 2014, I took a job with Disney Research Pittsburgh, mainly because they offered me the opportunity to make real things with my research. In May of 2017, I joined the faculty of the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute. My brother Mike McCann also has a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University. His web page design seems familiar.