Since 1995 co-director of the Swiss AI lab IDSIA in Lugano, which he helped transform into one of the world's top 10 AI labs (the smallest!), according to Business Week (1997). Since 2003 Prof. SUPSI, Switzerland. Since 2004 Head of TUM Cogbotlab. 2004-2009 also Professor Extraordinarius of Cognitive Robotics in the Faculty of TUM Computer Science, working on robot learning. Since April 2009 Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Lugano, Switzerland. Since 2008 member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. Best known for his algorithms for learning programs running on recurrent neural networks (our RNNs won several recent handwriting competitions) and other computers (e.g., OOPS and GP), non-halting Turing machines and generalizations of Kolmogorov complexity, optimal universal learners, Goedel machines and earlier self-referential meta-learners, reinforcement learning, artificial evolution, non-linear ICA, artificial curiosity and artificial creativity (see 10min video or 40min video), a complexity-based theory of beauty, low-complexity art (a new minimal art form based on algorithmic information theory), the speed prior for optimal computable inductive inference in quickly computable universes, and an algorithmic theory of everything. Interested in statistical robotics, evolving RNNs for robot control, learning attentive vision, hierarchical learning, time series prediction, financial forecasting, robot cars, resilient machines with self-models, robot hands and arms with elastic tendons and muscles, artificial music composition, artificial ants, Fibonacci Web Design. He is promoting the New AI: general & sound & relevant for physics. Compare Schmidhuber's publications and motivation and deutsche Seite and the Pybrain Machine Learning Library , and check out what's new. Schmidhuber's computer science heroes: Schickard, Leibniz, Babbage, Goedel, Turing, Zuse. Compare Schmidhuber's law. Other scientists who left their mark: Gauss, Einstein, Haber & Bosch, Archimedes. Is history converging? Again?