I am a senior researcher in Natural Interaction Research group at Microsoft Research. My research interests include augmented reality, computational illumination, surface computing, new input form factors and devices, as well as touch and freehand gestural input. I am fascinated by the intersection point where the digital technology world meets the curved, physical, 3D space we live in. I have been active in the Human-Computer Interaction research community and I have had the pleasure of serving on various program committees (CHI, UIST, SIGGRAPH, ISMAR, ITS). I was the general chair for ACM UIST 2014 and the program chair for ACM UIST 2012. In 2010, I worked with Microsoft Hardware to turn one of my research projects into a product. We created Microsoft Touch Mouse which enables the user to use touch gestures on top of the mouse to control their Windows experience. Prior to working at Microsoft, I received my PhD at Columbia University, working on augmented reality projects that combine immersive experiences with interactive tabletops.