He is an academic doing research on robotics and artificial intelligence, the main editor of the US National Robotics Roadmap and an entrepreneur.

Dr. Christensen does research on robotics an AI with an emphasis on a systems view to problems. The research has been published in 350+ contributions across AI, Computer Vision and Robotics. The research has been adopted by companies such as Electrolux, ABB, KUKA, Weda, BMW, Boeing, iRobot, PerMobil, General Motors, …

Henrik has been active in community organization such as the European Robotics Network and later as the main organizer of the US Robotics Roadmaps ( 2009, 2013, and 2016), which was the basis for the National Robotics Initiative. A new roadmap is in preparation for release 2020.

He was awarded the “Joseph Engelberger Award” 2011, the highest honor awarded by the industry and named “Boeing Supplier of the Year” 2011. He was awarded an honorary doctorate (Dr. Techn. h.c.) in engineering from Aalborg University 2014. His work has been featured in major media such as CNN, BBC, NY Times, Financial Times, …