Hi! I’m a human-computer interaction researcher at the Mobile Life Centre in Stockholm, Sweden. On a very general level, I’m interested in how people perceive technology and use it in their daily lives. At Mobile Life, I’m working on projects involving interaction with mobile apps, location-based services such as Foursquare or Gowalla, mobile mashups (resulting in e.g. spotisquare.com & φ²), Research in the large & wide distribution of research apps, playfulness and human-robot interaction. I work within Mobile Life’s Mobile 2.0 group and Future Applications Lab. To list some topics I’m interested in: playfulness, mobile interaction, location-based services, services as design materials, social space & place, urban computing, social connections, interaction with (semi-)autonomous ‘things’ & human-robot interaction, affective and physical interaction, transparency and user understanding, social media, trust and situated user experiences.