Prof Currie is a renowned international Public Transport research leader and policy advisor with over 30 years experience.He has published more research papers in leading international peer research journals in this field than any other researcher in the world.He is founder of the ‘World Transit Research’ clearinghouse (www.worldtransitresearch.info)which has consolidated all research in this field into a single accessible source and is now used by over 7,000 towns and cities in over 170 countries worldwide.Professor Currie has worked for some of the worlds leading Public Transport Operators including London Transport, and he has managed numerous Public Transport research and development projects internationally.
Professor Currie is associate editor of the international research journal Transportation andis Chair of US Transportation Research Boards sub-committee on International Developments in Light Rail Transit.He is also a member of UITP (International Association of Public Transport) Academic Network.In 2013 Professor Currie won the inaugural William B Millar prize for best research paper from the US Transportation Research Boards Annual Meeting in Washington DC, the largest transport conference in the world.In 2013 Professor Currie also had two research papers in the top 20 most cited papers of the leading international research journal; The Journal of Transport Geography.