Associate Professor of Computer Science (INF/01-informatica), University of Calabria. Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Laurea degree in Computer Science, (vice-coordinator of the) Doctoral Program in Mathematics and Informatics. Co-Founder of Artémat, a spin-off operating with simulations of economic models. Co-Founder of IDUM, a spin-off operating with platforms for e-tourism. Member of the Quality Assurance Unit (Presidio di Qualità), University of Calabria. Habilitated as Full Professor of Computer Science. Research Interests Database Theory: Query Optimization, Data Integration, Deductive Databases Data Mining: Process Mining, Outlier Detection Game Theory: Nash Equilibria, Coalitional Games Constraint Satisfaction: Structural Decomposition Methods, Optimization Nonmonotonic Reasoning: Logic Programming, Abduction Awards Kurt Gödel Research Prize in the area of Logical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence (2014), awarded by the Kurt Gödel Society. Marco Solmalvico Award (2009), for significant results obtained in the AI by an italian young researcher, awarded by the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AI*IA). IJCAI-JAIR Best Paper Prize (2008), for the paper Pure Nash Equilibira: Hard and Easy Cases. Research Projects Coordinator for the CINI ("Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale per l'Informatica") reserach unit within the project (PON01_00451) "TETRis: Servizi innovativi Open Source su TETRA" (since 2011). Coordinator for the University of Calabria research unit on the objective "Open Source per la gestione di processi e il Business Process Intelligence" within the project "OpenKnowTech: Laboratorio di Tecnologie per la Integrazione, Gestione e Distribuzione di Dati, Processi e Conoscenze" (since 2007). Past projects (selection): TOCAI.IT, INFOMIX, G4B, ONTODLV.