Professor Meyer's research is concerned with experimental investigations of photodriven electron and energy transfer in inorganic coordination compounds and extended solids. The overall goal of the research is to develop a molecular level understanding of excited states in heterogeneous environments important to environmental, biological, and materials science. Practical applications of this research include solar energy conversion, chemical sensing, catalysis, pollutant decontamination, and photonic devices. The principle tools of this research are synthetic chemistry, spectroscopy, and electrochemistry. Professor Meyer and his research group have enjoyed a long-standing and beneficial collaboration with Professor Peter Searson and his research group in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Hopkins. The Meyer Group also have outside collaborations with Professor Carlo A. Bignozzi at the University of Ferrara, Professor Ted Heilweil at the National Institute of Technology, and Professor Elena Gallopini at Rutgers University. Professor Meyer is also a primary investigator in the NSF supported Materials Research and Engineering Center at Hopkins and is director of the NSF supported Collaborative Research Activities in Environmental Science Center (CRAEMS).