• USA-2001

    For pioneering contributions to information visualization, animated 3D user interfaces, multimedia message systems, hypertext systems, operating systems, and programming languages.

George G. Robertson is an American information visualization expert and Senior Researcher, Visualization and Interaction (VIBE) Research Group, Microsoft Research. With Stuart K. Card, Jock D. Mackinlay and others he invented a number of Information Visualization techniques. Robertson has worked as a faculty member of the Computer Science Department at Carnegie-Mellon University, a Senior Scientist at Thinking Machines, and a Senior Scientist at Bolt Beranek and Newman.[2] Before his current position at Microsoft he was Principal Scientist at Xerox PARC. Since 1996 he is a Principal Researcher in the Visualization and Interaction group at Microsoft Research. He is an ACM Fellow and manages a project on 3D User Interfaces and Information Visualization. He is associate editor of the Journal of Information Visualization. Robertson's research interests are "user interfaces, 3D interactive animation, 3D graphics, information visualization, intelligent information access, multimedia, and hypermedia",[2] see also: Connection Machine and Gender HCI