I started my collaboration with CNR in 2000 with my M.S. thesis. I have been Research Assistant from 2001 to 2007 and I have been Research Scientist (Fixed Term) since 2008. Since April 2012 I have a CNR permanent position as a Research Scientist. In 2003 I spent one year at the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University working at the synthesis of user-oriented explanations within mixed-initiative solvers. My research interests span on Mixed-Initiative Problem Solving, Methods for Evaluating Intelligent System features, Human Computer Interaction and Human-Robot Interaction. I have been part of the CNR team that worked with ESA for ten years and developed the interaction module of several deployed systems. I have been involved in the user evaluation of new robotic technology in RoboCare and, currently, in ExCITE. I have been work-package leader in PANDORA, working on user modeling and engagement monitoring for interactive crisis training and PI for CNR in Giraff+ a new project (FP7, ICT Call 7) where I act as project technical manager and also work on personalized monitoring technology for old people.