Florian Michahelles is currently an associate director of the Auto-ID Labs Zurich/St. Gallen. At the Auto-ID Lab Zurich/St.Gallen Michahelles devotes his research to the business impacts (processes, products and services), applications and infrastructure of the "Internet of things". Together with EPCglobal and other Auto-ID Labs he works on the development of the next generation of the EPC-Network. The main research topics are Active Tags and Sensors, Addressing Uncertainty in RFID, Smart Products and Services, Anti-Counterfeiting, New Industries - Automotive and Health Care, Managing the EPC-Network, and Business Impact. Please visit the new homepage at the Information Manangement Group for more information. From May 2001 to December 2004, Florian Michahelles was a PhD student of Bernt Schiele in the Perceptual Computing and Computer Vision Group (PCCV) at the Department of Computer Science at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. There he focused on ubiquitous computing, wearable computing and wearable sensing. The PhD thesis Innovative Application Development for Ubiquitous and Wearable Computing presents a method for introducing and advancing the use of ubiquitous and wearable computing. The general approach is to balance between the goals of the potential users and the developers in order to create more innovative and more realistic applications. The thesis defense was passed in December 2004. This work was funded in part by the Smart-Its project. Before starting his PhD, Florian obtained a M.Sc. (Dipl.Inf.) in Computer Science from Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München, Germany, in 2001. His master's thesis was conducted in the field of context-aware computing in a joined research group of Claudia Linnhoff-Popien of the University of Munich and Bernd Brügge of the Technical University of Munich. The thesis is titled Designing an Architecture for Context-Aware Service Selection and Execution.