I am an Associate Professor of Information and Computer Science at the University of Michigan. My work is at the boundary of HCI and Data Mining. Specific research projects range from modeling behaviors at a very large-scale (search, social networks evolution, learning, meme and rumor spread, programming, text production and consumption, etc.) and applying those models to constructing better HCI systems. This is primarily at Internet scales and it gives me an excuse to work on lots of different things I like... data/text mining, visualizations, social network analysis, etc. Before grad school I was a researcher at HP Labs' Information Dynamics Group and at Xerox PARC. (complete CV). I can be reached at eytanadar-at-yahoo-dot-com. Among other things, I am associated with the MISC (HCI-focused) and MIDAS groups. I am one of the founders of ICWSM (which I've chaired multiple times) and have also been Co-General Chair for WSDM. Work in my group is sponsored by the NSF, IARPA, Adobe, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and Yahoo. I work with some awesome students including: Matt Burgess, Srayan Datta, Licia He, Xin Rong, and Hari Subramonyam. And some that recently graduated: Jessica Hullman (Assistant Professor at UW) and Gierad Laput (PhD at CMU)