His research spans a variety of aspects at the intersection of large-scale data integration and modelling, semantic and language technologies, intelligent systems, and human-computer interaction. In particular much of his current work focuses on developing innovative approaches that integrate statistical methods with semantic and language technologies, to develop new solutions which support users in making sense of large scale data and in complex decision-making scenarios.
    Over the years, Prof. Motta has led KMi's contribution to numerous high-profile projects, receiving over £10.4M in external funding since 2000 from a variety of institutional funding bodies and commercial organizations.
    In particular he was the Director of the flagship £17.2M HEFCE-funded MK:Smart initiative, which was completed in June 2017. The award-winning MK:Smart project is an example of a 'smart city' project, one which has developed intelligent systems and analytics infrastructures to foster sustainable urban growth in Milton Keynes. Central to the project is the MK Data Hub, a computational infrastructure that supports the acquisition and management of vast amounts of data relevant to city systems from a variety of sources. Taking advantage of the sophisticated data management capability provided by the MK Data Hub, MK:Smart has realised innovative actions in transport, energy and water management, as well as ambitious business and community engagement activities, and educational ones.