Dominik Slezak received his PhD degree in Computer Science in 2002, from the University of Warsaw, Poland. He has taught at the Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology, Poland, as well as at the University of Regina, Canada. In 2005, he co-founded Infobright, and holds the position of Chief Scientist. Recently, he has also come back to his academic work - research and teaching at University of Warsaw. Dominik's research interests are in databases, data mining and soft computing, with a special emphasis on the theory of rough sets - its foundations and usage in hybrid approaches to complex data analysis. Dominik has co-authored over 100 articles for scientific books, journals, and conferences. He has also co-edited over 20 volumes of conference proceedings and been a featured speaker at conferences around the world. He serves as an editorial board member for several international scientific journals including Information Sciences (INS), Intelligent Information Systems (JIIS), as well as Knowledge and Information Systems (KAIS). He also serves as vice-president of International Rough Set Society.