Education University of Pennsylvania, Philadephia, PA 2003-2008 PhD in Programming Languages. Supervised by Stephanie Weirich National Technical University of Athens, Greece 1997-2002 Electrical and Computer Engineering, GPA 9.26/10 (top 3%) Research Experience Postdoctoral Researcher, Microsoft Research September 2008-present Programming languages theory and implementation: type inference, type systems, semantics, functional and generic programming, program analyses Graduate Student, University of Pennsylvania 2003-2008 Type inference for advanced type systems, typed intermediate languages, dependently typed languages, mechanized metatheory and proof assistants, parametricity and type analysis Intern, Microsoft Research July-September 2005 Type inference for generalized algebraic datatypes and first-class polymorphism Supervised by Simon Peyton Jones Graduate Student, National Technical University of Athens 2002-2003 Work on proof-carrying code compilation