Deborah J. Cook MSc(McMaster), Critical Care Medicine (Stanford), MD(McMaster) FRCPC DABIM, CAHS, FRS Canada Research Chair of Research Transfer in Intensive Care Professor, Department of Medicine, Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics Joint Member, Dept of Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics Academic Chair, Critical Care Medicine, McMaster University Co-Chair, Critical Research Interest Group Member, CLARITY (Clinical Advances through Research and Information Translation) Royal Society of Canada (2009) ACCM Distinguished Investigator Award (2006) OCUFA Distinguished Teacher Award (2006) Canadian Society of Internal Medicine Dr. David Sackett Senior Investigator Award (2006)Academic Interests Dr. Cook designs and conducts patient-centered research in the ICU. She is interested in risk factors for serious illness, prevention of ICU-acquired complications, life support technology, and end-of-life decisions for critically ill patients. Her educational interests are in evidence based practice and research uptake. Her methodological interests are in the design and conduct of multicenter randomized trials, minimizing bias in systematic reviews, and incorporation of diverse kinds of evidence into practice guidelines and clinical recommendations.