Dr. Nguyen works withProf. Gang Zhouin the Computer Science department at theCollege of William and Mary. He also works closely withProf. Guoliang XingfromMichigan State University. His research interests broadly includeembedded computing, pervasive computing,cyber-physical systems, ubiquitous computing, internet of things, mobile computing, networking, and storage systems. The major focus of his recent work has been the impact of smartphone storage on the application performance (MobiSys '15) and energy efficiency (UbiComp '13). In summer 2014 and 2015, Dr. Nguyen worked inFacebook'sConnectivity Lab, Menlo Park, CA (Why?).He is fromPrague, theCzech Republic. Before coming to W&M (Fall 2011), he was a lecturer at Suffolk University in Boston for 2 years. He was also a lecturer at Christopher Newport University in 2013.He served as a Social Media Chair for ACM UbiComp 2015 and ISWC 2015, and as a TPC member of 13 international conferences.