I am an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at NC State. My current research interests are generally in the area of machine learning and artificial intelligence and their applications to the design of interactive technological experiences such as computer games, interactive dramas, or training scenarios. I focus on these experiences as playable artifacts and therefore am interested in the in situ evaluation of my research. I incorporate concepts from social and behavioral psychology into my research as well. The designs of my algorithms are informed by concepts from psychology that can enable efficient and intuitive authorial and gameplay experiences. Outside of my professional life, I enjoy cooking and hiking as my main hobbies but can often be found doing a wide variety of things ranging from fishing to golf. I am a dog enthusiast and am fascinated by their behavior, communication with each other and with humans, as well as the effects of selective breeding practices on their temperament. At some point in the future I will be starting a research program that brings some of the computational tools I work with to bear on dog training. Check my research page periodically for more information on this work as I will keep that page updated regularly.