Dana Ron Goldreich (Hebrew: דנה רון גולדרייך‎; b. 1964) is a computer scientist, a professor of electrical engineering at the Tel Aviv University, Israel.[1] Prof. Ron is one of the pioneers of research in property testing, and a leading researcher in that area. Dana Ron obtained her B.A. (1987) and M.A. (1989) in computer science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Her Ph.D. (1995), also from the Hebrew University, was in the area of machine learning.[2] Between the years 1995-97 she was an NSF post-doctoral fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She was a Bunting fellow in 1997/8, and the Radcliffe fellow at Harvard University in 2003/4.[3] Her research interests include sublinear-time algorithms (in particular property testing), randomized algorithms, and computational learning theory. She is married to Oded Goldreich, who is also a computer scientist at the Weizmann Institute, and has collaborated with Goldreich on approximation algorithms. Publications On Sample-Based Testers With: Oded Goldreich Appeared: Proceedings of ITCS 2015 On Learning and Testing Dynamic Environments With: Oded Goldreich Appeared: Proceedings of FOCS 2014 Local Algorithms for Sparse Spanning Graphs With: Reut Levi and Ronitt Rubinfeld Appeared: Proceedings of RANDOM 2014 Best of two local models: local centralized and local distributed algorithms With: Guy Even and Moti Medina Appeared: Part of this work appeared in the proceedings of ESA 2014 and part will appear in the proceedings of ICDCN 2015 Testing probability distributions using conditional samples With: Clemente Cannone and Rocco Servedio Appeared: Proceedings of SODA 2014 (to appear in SIAM Journal on Computing) A Quasi-Polynomial Time Partition Oracle for Graphs with an Excluded Minor With: Reut Levi Appeared: Proceedings of ICALP 2013 (to appear in ACM Transactions on Algorithms) A simple online competitive adaptation of Lempel-Ziv compression with efficient random access support With: Akashnil Dutta, Reut Levi and Ronitt Rubinfeld Appeared: Proceedings of DCC 2013 On the Possibilities and Limitations of Pseudodeterministic Algorithms With: Oded Goldreich and Shafi Goldwasser Appeared: Proceedings of ITCS 2013 Exponentially improved algorithms and lower bounds for testing signed majorities With: Rocco Servedio Appeared: Proceedings of SODA 2013 (to appear in Algorithmica)