I am a scientist at Yahoo research Haifa, working on new avenues for Yahoo Answers. Previously, I worked for the Analytics department at IBM Haifa, leading the green analytics activity, and applying machine learning to hardware verification, CRM, energy demand forecast, virtual machine and operating system monitoring, storage products, software engineering, and water management. Even before that, I worked on bioinformatics, web search, computational astrostatistics, clustering, and accelerated data-mining algorithms. I got my computer science B.Sc. (1995) and M.Sc. (1998) from the Technion, Israel, and Ph.D. (2004) from Carnegie-Mellon university. I filed several patents, and in 2009 was appointed IBM Master Inventor. In 2008, I received an IBM Research Technical Accomplishment award for my work in virtual machine availability for IBM Systems Director. I also contributed to the Alphaworks release of the Parallel Machine Learning framework (PML), and released some of my data-mining code as open source. I run the Israeli machine learning site. I also served on committees for several top-tier conferences, including the NIPS program committee in 2006, and local organization co-chair for ICML 2010. Recently I started exploring distance running (two halves, so far).