Interests My goal is to integrate research in Artificial Intelligence, Human Computer Interaction and Cognitive Science to make complex interactive systems increasingly more effective and adaptive to the users' needs. I am particularly interested in extending the range of user features that can be captured in and efficiently processed by a computational user model - from purely cognitive features (knowledge, goals, preferences), to meta-cognitive skills (e.g., the capability of effectively exploring a large information space), personality traits and emotional reactions. The aim is to widen the spectrum of information that an interactive system can use to dynamically adapt its behavior to a user's needs. My students and I are currently applying this research to: (1) generate adaptive visualizations [I]; (2) capture and adapt to a user's reasoning processes by using eye-gaze information [II] and decision-theoretic methods [IV]; (3) Provide adaptive support to interface customization [III]; (4) devising emotionally intelligent agents for educational games [V];