1. PhD candidate on Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at The Uni of Queensland, will be submitting thesis soon.
2. Main areas are time series analysis and recommender systems (personalization).
3. Twenty peer-reviewed publications in top-tier conferences, e.g., KDD, ICDE, ICDM, AAAI, IJCAI, WWW, etc. (3 oral presentations, 1 best paper award & 1 student travel grant).
4. Two R&D projects: OneStop Warehouse Ltd - smart business management with sales prediction and active product recommendation; Southern Region Road & Transport Group (Logan, Redland & Gold Coast) - intelligent road network modelling with big data.
5. Fluent presentation & communication skills, with loads of experience in conference presentation, project liaison, teaching assistant, and explaining data-driven insights to non-technical audience in plain English.
6. Also experienced in writing technical reports/papers and grant applications.