Catherine Plaisant is a Senior Research Scientist at the University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies and Associate Director of Reserach of the Human-Computer Interaction Lab. Catherine Plaisant earned a Doctorat d'Ingenieur degree in France (similar to a Industrial Engineering PhD). In 1988 she joined Professor Ben Shneiderman at the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory where she now enjoys working with multidisciplinary teams on designing and evaluating new interface technologies that are useful and usable. Catherine Plaisant has over 140 published papers, on subjects as diverse as information visualization, medical informatics, universal access, digital humanities, technology for families, and evaluation methodologies. With Ben Shneiderman she co-authored the 4th and 5th Editions of Designing the User Interface, one of the major books on Human-Computer Interaction. Research contributions range from focused user interaction techniques (e.g. Excentric Labeling) to innovative visualizations (such as LifeLines or EventFlow for the analysis of temporal records or SpaceTree for hierarchical data exploration) and interactive search interface techniques such as Query Previews. Those interaction techniques have been carefully validated with user studies and are finding applications in industry, government information systems and digital libraries.