Carsten Griwodz is chief research scientist in the Media Department at the Norwegian research company Simula Research Laboratory AS, Norway, and professor at the University of Oslo. His research interest is the performance of multimedia systems. He is concerned with streaming media, which includes all kinds of media that are transported over the Internet with a temporal demands, including stored and live video as well as games and immersive systems. To achieve this, he wants to advance operating system and protocol support, parallel processing and the understanding of the human experience. He was area chair and demo chair of ACM MM 2014, and general chair of ACM MMSys and NOSSDAV (2013), co-chair of ACM/IEEE NetGames (2011), NOSSDAV (2008), SPIE/ACM MMCN (2007) and SPIE MMCN (2006), TPC chair ACM MMSys (2012), and systems track chair ACM MM (2008). He is currently editor-inchief of the ACM SIGMM Records.