Defining Intermittent Computing: We are working to make intermittent computing devices that harvest energy from their environment, programmable, reliable, and robust to common-case power failures (http://intermittent.systems). These devices are really exciting because they are a great fit for sensing, medical implants, "extreme" scenarios (like outer space!) and lots of other things. Watch this video (https://youtu.be/mHb-C12nI2o) for a 3 minute overview of our work in this area.Safe, Simple, & Efficient Future Parallel Computing: We are working to create better software systems and computer architectures that make parallel computing correct, reliable, and efficient. The problem space is especially interesting now with the end of Moore's Law and Dennard Scaling, and the move to crazy heterogeneous parallel systems, approximate computing, distributed system architectures, and emerging (e.g., non-volatile, biological) technology maturing and becoming useful.