Amedeo is a senior research scientist in Artificial Intelligence at CNR and Group Lead at ISTC. He has founded and currently coordinates activities of the Laboratory on Planning and Scheduling Technologies (PST). He has conducted research in several AI areas like Multi-Agent Systems, Intelligent Human-Computer Interaction, Planning & Scheduling and always pursued the synthesis of innovative Decision Support Systems. His work focuses on the integration of planning and scheduling in software architectures, the use of constraint programming for specialized tasks such as temporal and resource reasoning, the synthesis of planning and scheduling heuristics, the interactive solution of complex planning and scheduling problems. His work in Artificial Intelligence also emphasizes the real-world aspects of automated reasoning, in particular focusing on research topics like robust and flexible problem solving, execution monitoring and mixed-initiative interactive systems. He is currently exploring the integration of planning and scheduling techniques in new applicative areas (e.g., crisis managers training) and the synthesis of new cognitive aids for old people by integrating ICTs and robotics.