I'm the head of the Knowledge Management Research Group (KMR). I presently work in three different places: CSC at KTH, Uppsala Learning Lab (ULL) at Uppsala University, and DSV at Stockholm University. The KMR-group is driven by a desire to create new and powerful ways to structure and communicate information in order to support its exformation into knowledge and transmutation into understanding. I have a background in both mathematics and computer science and I received my Ph.D. in computer science from KTH in 1993. With the Garden of Knowledge project (1996-98) I initiated the research on interactive learning environments at CID at KTH, where I presently head the Knowledge Management Research group. I am also the coordinator of research on interactive learning environments at the Uppsala Learning Lab at Uppsala University. The KMR-group has been involved in Semantic Web research and development since 1999. The work of the KMR-group focuses on how to make use of Semantic Web technology in order to enable more efficient forms of technology-enhanced learning and administration, and support the emergence of a Public Knowledge and Learning Management Environment. Prominent among the KMR software tools are the frameworks SCAM and SHAME, the concept browser Conzilla, and the electronic portfolio system Confolio. The KMR-group is active within several international networks and projects in technology-enhanced learning and Semantic Web, notably, PROLEARN, LUISA, Organic.Edunet, SIGSEMIS and Sakai. I am also an industry consultant with extensive experience in conceptual modeling for software engineering and business applications. I am the inventor of Conzilla and I have developed a conceptual modeling technique called Unified Language Modeling, which is specially designed to depict conceptual relationships in a linguistically coherent way - i.e., to “draw how we talk about things”.