I'm a Research Professor at the Computer Science Department in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. I'm a part of the Carnegie Mellon Speech Group, one of the oldest such groups in the country, founded by Raj Reddy. I'm also the Director of the Carnegie Mellon Speech Consortium, a partnership between Carnegie Mellon University and industry. I am part of the faculty in the Language Technologies Institute and, actually, most of my students are based there. My current interests center on language-based communication between humans and robots and on aspects of core speech recognition, such as out-of-vocabulary (OOV) word processing. I am also interested in approaches to learning based on implicit supervision and on improvement of speech system knowledge through dialog. Check this list of publications. Over time my research interests have revolved around speech perception and recognition, speech interfaces, spoken dialog systems and language in general. I've headed the SpeechWear project that produced an early mobile speech system; I'm still interested in the topic of mobile speech. I also headed the Communicator project, which dealt with spoken dialog system architectures. Olympus, a successor system, is available in Open Source. The Ravenclaw dialog manager came out of the Communicator work and is the current foundation for many of the systems that we create. RavenClaw incorporates dialog management ideas that were first introduced in the Office Manager (OM) system and further developed in successor systems, including Scheduler and AGENDA. Papers listed on the publications describe this work. Some videos from our group. In 1996 I implemented a set of web-based tools that are used to generate a knowledge base for the open source Sphinx recognition system, including a language model and a pronouncing dictionary. It's proved to be quite popular, and I've continued to maintain the tool and expand its capabilities. Do try it out if you are building a recognition system (the model formats work for any ARPA-compliant system). We continue to maintain Ravenclaw and the Olympus dialog system toolkit in open source. If you'd like to know more about me by reading either a short or a long biography. You can also find me at LinkedIn and on Plaxo; these sites will have somewhat different information about me. I'm involved in several organizations focused on spoken language interaction (SIGdial) and speech technologies (AVIOS).