​​Software technology executive with 20+ years of software engineering, product development and business leadership experience. I served as CEO, GM, CTO, Development Manager, Product Manager and Vice President in multiple fields spanning from publishing and information solution (Elsevier), to consumer internet (Ask.com, Tiscali) and to high tech R&D (Microsoft). No matter of my role, I am equally comfortable managing “in the large” big corporate organizations with geographically-distributed teams as I am managing °in the small” early-stage companies where a more handson approach is required. At work I enjoy applying multiple skills. As a data-driven computer scientist I am passionate about technology and innovation. As technology executive, I enjoy shipping products in front of millions of users actively learning from their feedback. As an experienced business leader with international background, I manage budgets and typically represent the technical / product management interests of the business to executive management. Having founded and successfully sold an Internet consumer company in the early Internet days, I have learned very early on that technology is nothing if you do not sell the product. In short, I truly believe that for being successful you must have a great combination of management, research skills, just-get-it-done and sell attitude.