Prof. Dr. Jens Lehmann (http://www.jens-lehmann.org) leads the „Smart Data Analytics“
    research group at the University of Bonn with 40 researchers and is lead scientist at
    Fraunhofer IAIS in the Enterprise Information Systems department. His research interests
    involve Semantic Web, machine learning, question answering & dialogue systems,
    distributed computing and knowledge representation. Prof. Lehmann authored more than
    120 articles in international journals and conferences, 50 of those in A level venues winning
    12 best paper awards. His articles are cited more than 13500 times. In several major
    conferences and journals, he has leading positions. He is founder, leader or contributor of
    several community research projects, including SANSA, AskNow, DL-Learner, DBpedia
    and LinkedGeoData. Previously, he completed his PhD with „summa cum laude“ at the
    University of Leipzig with visits to the University of Oxford.